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Totally Tubular

An entry at Unclutterer has a neat take on organizing your home extension cords and, while this is a pretty good idea in a Martha Stewart universe, it also fires up a Pavlovian comparison in my head.

I played drums and/or bass in bands some years back – quite some time before the widespread adoption (and price-lowering) of wireless stage and instrument technologies – so we had hundreds of miles of — class?

Cords! Power cords, mic cables, guitar cords, amp cords — everything was hard wired.

Before we could afford roadies, I was in charge of running the the snake to the stage and making all related hook-ups, all of which burned a synaptic connection so strong I can still smell the smoke; I look at this article and instinctively visualize a post-gig fantasy/nightmare with thousands of TP tubes into which I am tasked to stuff 200 cubic feet of rat’s nest.


But then SNAP — back in the here-and-now, my gigging days a far-away mist, I find this photo deeply comforting…