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Don’t Whirlpool that joint, my friend…

This post is informed by two things only — our interest in all things storage and the growing wave of marijuana legalization as a sociopolitical phenomenon. In this regard we are completely Straight Edge here at CSS.

Personally, I have never seen a quantity of pot that made me wonder “How do you store that much stuff?”; the kids I knew back in the day kept a single sandwich-baggie in the back of the closet.

But for those with a larger investment is this article from “Weeds That Please” on the proper refrigeration of one’s stash along with many others with titles like “Not Getting High?”, “Stoner Contest” and “Cannabis Conundrum”.

Help yourself to the snacks; I’ll be next door actually getting something done.

P.S. In the likely event that you don’t get the title of this entry, try¬†this 60s relic.

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