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Hammer Time

I wouldn’t want to dehumanize a segment of the population just to stay on topic but, in truth, one of any society’sĀ challenges is where to store the disadvantaged.

And while scores wander the streets tragically content to stay there, exponentially more are hard-working people on the downside of advantage, eager to improve their circumstance – and you can help them, yourself and the world rebuild.

Leading the modern-day movement for affordable housing since 1976, Habitat For Humanity has built well over 300,000 new homes around the globe and repaired or renovated countless more.

It’s not a giveaway; those accepted pitch in and sweat with volunteers to build simple, decent homes in decent neighborhoods, then purchase them at cost with a 0% loan.

This model has housed well over 1.5 million people and, as importantly, tens of millions of volunteers have been mobilized to help their fellow fellow. And, In many countries, purchasing a Habitat house costs less per month than renting substandard housing.

Last month, on February 3, Habitat’s founder passed away. His name was Millard Fuller, and you would do well to learn about this man and the organization he started.

You would do even better, as I do most Saturdays, to work side-by-side with a crew in your area. Anyone can help regardless of your skill or experience, and they are buildingĀ everywhere.

I guarantee that you will meet some very special people and feel like a million bucks by quitting time.

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