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Shoe Wheel, Schlamazel…

An Esculon Says article titled “Creative Shoe Storage For Shopaholics!” displays mostly yawny variations with about as much evolutionary propulsion as exists between Homo Erectus’ matrimonial club and the baseball bat.

However there is one item, the Shoe Wheel by Rakku, that immediately invites the “why-didn’t-I-think-of-that” response with its clever, straight-line logic:

Shoe = Wedge = Pie Section = Fits in a Wheel.

But this thing has a pretty big (a-hem) footprint, and one can easily imagine its 30″ diameter and 13″ width overwhelming anything less than a large-ish walk-in closet. And the two, three or four wheels that many shopaholics may require would resemble an array of hydroelectric turbines.

Still, it’s a striking idea if you have the room on your closet floor. But the most space-efficient option for most may still be that long, thin slice of vertical space, the perennial closet-door-hanging-organizer thingy (I do believe that’s the technical term).

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