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A Sixth Way to Save Money on Office Space

I came across an article on from July 2000 (4 months after the NASDAQ peaked at 5,132 – sigh – and on the cusp of the “dot-com” bubble-burst) which is no less relevant to these bargain-hunting times.

It is titled “Five Ways to Save Money on Office Space” and details that many strategies for constructing the best deal – but there’s another.

If your business stores a significant amount of any physical thing – paper, media, stock, parts and so on, high-density shelving systems should be investigated during downsizing or moving to a less expensive part of town.

The process costs nothing and may very well yield a 50% + reduction in the storage square-footage leased. The resulting savings pay for the systems in the first 2 to 3 years then continue for as long as the space is rented.

Look (and Save) Before You Leap

The steps in this process are as intuitive as you might suspect, with some High-Density Storage professionals, including our firm, conducting all surveys and studies free of charge.

  1.  Discuss how and why you hold what you do, retention schedules and so on. 
  2.  Conduct a physical inventory.
  3.  Trim as needed. Do you really need all that stuff?
  4.  Your High-Density specialist computes, in square feet, your now-greatly-reduced storage needs,  perhaps producing a drawing of the hypothetical system as a visualization aid.
  5.  Armed with this information, you go shopping for an office or facility significantly smaller – and less  costly – than originally required.
  6.  We fine-tune the system to the new physical space. 

It bears repeating; savings of the rent you would have shelled out on a larger space will typically pay for the systems within 2 to 3 years. After that, it’s all black ink.

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